3 Craft Beer Trends To Watch In 2016

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3 Craft Beer Trends To Watch In 2016

What do George Washington, President Barack Obama, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson all have in common? No, this is not another political joke. If your answer is craft beer then make sure to award yourself an extra gold star for the week. It’s 2016 and the independent craft beer industry is booming in every sense of the word. One of the most difficult challenges as a consumer to overcome appears to be keeping up with the trends. So what does Titan Tanks have to do with craft beer? Well, in a sense…everything. We manufacture stainless steel tanks. In the brewing industry, this includes everything from lauter tun tanks, kettle tanks fermenter tanks, conditioning tanks, bright beer tanks, and more. This summer we want to help you keep up with the trends. Let’s explore 3 craft beer trends to watch in 2016.

1. Barreling

Titan Tanks resides in the great state of Kentucky and people in this great state are die-hard fans of things made in barrels. Barreling is a classic practice dating way back to the early days of brewing and distilling. The term barreling simply means that the beer is aged in barrels to bring about unique and distinct flavors you might not otherwise get in standard brewing methods. In a recent interview, the Executive Director of the Kentucky Guild of Brewers told craftbeer.com, “I think a lot of trends are cyclical and we find our way back into the old recipe book most of today’s current craft beer drinkers haven’t sampled yet. Secondly, living in bourbon country, I think we will see a lot more styles aged in barrels than your traditional ones. The sky is the limit with barrel-aging, and we haven’t come close to testing all boundaries.” You heard the man, the sky is the limit. It should also be noted that some have taken things a bit further and ventured into foeders. A foeder is a gargantuan wooden tub that is traditionally for aging beverages like wine.

2. Oats

Remember when your mom used to wake up early in the morning and make a steaming hot bowl of oatmeal for you with various toppings like brown sugar, honey, fresh fruit? Yea, that’s not what we are talking about. Oats are supposedly predicted to be a big add to craft beer (especially exceedingly hoppy beers) this year to improve the texture or as some would say body or mouthfeel. One of example of this comes from the brewing giants at Bell’s brewery in their Oatsmobile Ale. Obviously they are not shy about the fact it includes oats (given the title). Bell’s describes this ale on their website as follows, “The signature ingredient – oats – are what makes Oatsmobile Ale stand apart, and gives it a body that you don’t see in most other session Pale Ales.” That means extra points awarded to Bell’s for proving our 2016 trend predictions true in the arena of session beers (see below) and oats. High fives all around.

3. Session Beers

session beers
You may have heard the term before, but what is a session beer? Short answer, thats a hotly debated topic. Most might would agree that a session beer is a brew that contains a low alcohol content below 5.0% ABV with a purposeful design to be light and clean tasting for sipping over an extended period of time (in responsible moderation of course). While many craft beer connoisseurs and brewing professionals disagree on the definition, the session beer remains popular. Click here to discover a laundry list of session brews.

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