Customized Stainless Steel Tanks

The Beginning of Titan Tanks When our MXD Process brand, Mixer Direct, first started in 2010, the focus was centered upon industrial mixers. In fact, we weren’t manufacturing our stainless steel tanks in house, we were re-selling them. Over time, frustrations with the process of going out, requesting quotes, waiting...
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The Future of Packaging

Written by: Christopher Mohler Packaging is made with a lot of different things in mind: convenience, sturdiness, aesthetic appeal, protection from the elements, but perhaps the most influential development of late is the push for sustainable packaging. It’s part of the larger trend of being more eco-friendly and “green”. Many...
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Customer Spotlight: Hope Hummus

One of the trendiest snacks these days is actually also one of the oldest snacks in the world. Hummus has been around for thousands of years, originated in ancient cultures in North Africa {primarily Egypt and Morocco} and in the Mediterranean Middle East. While the first documented mention of hummus...
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The American Energy Renaissance

Written By: Christopher Mohler Perhaps the most groundbreaking development to unfold in the petrochemical industry over the past few years has been the rise of the United States as a global leader in oil and gas production. Oil and natural gas drilling has experienced a revival, especially in southern Texas...
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