Customer Spotlight: Hope Hummus

Customer Spotlight: Hope Hummus

One of the trendiest snacks these days is actually also one of the oldest snacks in the world. Hummus has been around for thousands of years, originated in ancient cultures in North Africa {primarily Egypt and Morocco} and in the Mediterranean Middle East. While the first documented mention of hummus was published in the 13th century BC, it is likely that the dish was enjoyed for a few hundred years prior to that point. Often served with flatbread or pita, hummus is a foundational element of many Mediterranean cuisines. As is the case with numerous historical delicacies, the modern era has brought along new twists on old favorites.

Customer Spotlight- Hope Hummus

Take for example Hope Foods, which has gained a reputation for inventing unique new types of hummus that many have come to love. Hope’s products have been recognized by well-respected media outlets like The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Food Network, and more. They were even featured on Good Morning America in January during a segment highlighting Super Bowl snacks, introducing viewers to their inventive chocolate hummus. The brand’s name represents their mission, “to provide hope to those searching for a truly healthy snack by upholding high standards of quality. Hope also offers options for fans with dietary restrictions”. This includes items like their gluten-free spreads and Kosher products. Founded by a group of college graduates seeking to pursue a meaningful career, Hope’s early days consisted of a lot of trial-and-error recipe testing and experimentation with new ideas. The product that really put them on the map was their spicy avocado hummus, which they introduced at a Farmers’ Market in Boulder, Colorado. From there, they expanded their selection with a classic variety of hummus and their business really took off in a matter of just four years. Due to the united effort and shared spirit of Hope’s founders, each of the individuals on their team was involved in every step of the process along the way.

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The people at Hope wanted to set themselves apart from many of their competitors in the industry by refusing to use artificial preservatives in their manufacturing processes. Instead, they’ve adopted the state-of-the-art High Pressure Processing {HPP] approach. The HPP method was made possible by recent breakthroughs in technology, and it allows manufacturers to prepare their food in such a way that it would stay fresh longer but without artificial additives. It takes place once the products have already been packaged and sealed. The pasteurization process involves placing the products in extremely cold water with significant levels of isostatic pressure from the water. High pressure processing has been proven to be a more safe and healthy method of manufacturing foods. Hope is dedicated to sticking to their principles and purpose, even if it requires more work than other methods.

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Hope Foods isn’t afraid to face the challenge of faithfully adhering to guidelines concerning their quality, and they also aren’t afraid of putting their creative minds to work by whipping up extraordinary new styles of hummus. Their spicy avocado hummus is something of a fusion between two popular snacks- guacamole and hummus. Pesto, like hummus, was has its origins in the distant past, but has held its place in the culinary world ever since. Meanwhile, recent foodies have been raving about kale. Hope decided to create a recipe of hummus complemented by the flavors of both pesto and kale, mixing new trends with ancient classics. That’s not the only fashionable food trend that Hope has added into their product line. Sriracha is a sauce that has ignited a culinary craze over recent years, and unleashed countless different Sriracha flavored snacks. Once again, Hope realized that hummus and Sriracha, both of which are adored in their own right, would be even better together. The Thai Coconut Curry pleased many palettes with an exotic integration of sweet coconut, robust curry, and nutty chickpeas. Hope distinguishes themselves not only by sticking to a higher standard of quality, but also by masterfully bonding flavors from around the world into a single spreadable snack.

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Arguably the most well-known Hope product deserves a higher level of attention. This is, of course, the chocolate hummus. Few other foods are as cherished as chocolate. It has captured the hearts of millions of people, and seems to be synonymous with indulgence and decadence by its most frenzied fans. Over the years it has been mixed with similarly sweet treats and contrastingly savory ones, proving that just about anything containing chocolate was likely to be a success. But until recently, it wasn’t combined with hummus. Hope changed that, too. The warm response of their earlier products foreshadowed the sensation following the release of Hope’s Organic Dark Chocolate Hummus. Good Morning America was so impressed that they invited Hope to showcase the chocolate hummus as a must-have item for Super Bowl parties, one of the biggest social gatherings of the year. Hope Hummus has only been around for a few years, and they’re just getting started. Their almost immediate success is a perfect example of how a young company can achieve unprecedented levels of respect by making a dedication to quality their ultimate priority.


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