Customized Stainless Steel Tanks

customized stainless steel tanks

Customized Stainless Steel Tanks

The Beginning of Titan Tanks

When our MXD Process brand, Mixer Direct, first started in 2010, the focus was centered upon industrial mixers. In fact, we weren’t manufacturing our stainless steel tanks in house, we were re-selling them. Over time, frustrations with the process of going out, requesting quotes, waiting weeks at a time to get these quotes back, and then getting quotes in to the hands of our customers, we realized that we needed to begin Titan Tanks. The vision was to not only manufacture top of the line stainless steel tanks, but to also develop tools for our customers so that they can get their quotes in a timely fashion. We did this because we respect our customers time and wanted to allow them proceed with their projects. Whether the tank(s) are for a garage startup or a massive plant build outs.

Tank Designer

tank designer
The conversation surrounding the frustration of dealing in the tanks business led to the inception of what we like to call Tank Designer. Tank designer was brought online to in 2013. This helpful tool was specially designed to all our customers to simply go on line and customize a stainless steel tank with different heads, different fittings, different lid options, and much more.

Customization Options

customized stainless steel tanks
Of course you can also easily pick up the phone and speak with one of our sales engineers and we can review any specific tank needs you might have. Ours sales engineers can assist in customizing beyond what the a tank designer quote might not include. Some of these customization options might include adjusting your straight side height, shell diameter, shell thickness, the addition of ASME jackets, manways, and fittings that aren’t readily available on the website. These are few of the options that can be added to your custom tank quote. With every tank order, we design it custom for you followed by the provision of a drawing. We design in the latest 3D CAD software package available, and we’ll provide that drawing to you for your approval prior to starting the fabrication of your stainless steel tank.

Industrial Mixers For Stainless Steel Tanks

tank air mixer
Titan Tanks is also housed under the same roof as Mixer Direct. This means that we can easily design an industrial mixer for you with your customized tank in mind. Industrial mixer options are seemingly endless. For example, this can include a top entry mixer, a clamp mount mixer, anchor-style mixer, and more. Our sales engineers are here to provide you with the right tank and mixer to ensure your process success.

Tank Finishing Options

pharma tank
Titan Tanks offers a number of different finishes. Our standard finish is a 2B on the outside, which is comparable to a milled finish. This involves leaving the welds exposed, but also includes a clean up of sharp edges and the removal of weld discoloration. This still presents a nice look, but with a visible weld. The 2G finish on the inside is our standard. This is a nice milled finish that includes the grinding of each weld smooth so that you get a nice clean look. We also offer a #4 finish, this is where we polish the entire inside of the tank. We can even electropolish the inside and offer you a surface finish certificates as well.

MXD Systems

process system
Along with the tanks and mixers, we can offer you assistance with developing an entire integrated system for your application. This could include load cells, mixers, pumps and more. Simply contact our sales engineers and we’ll help you design a system custom for you.

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